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Welcome to Kottayam District Badminton (Shuttle) Association

Kottayam District Badminton (Shuttle) Association @ KDBSA is an organization affiliated with Kerala Badminton (Shuttle) Association. We are the legal, registered body constituted with the basic objective of promoting the game of shuttle badminton amongst the children in Kottayam District of Kerala state.

KDBSA under the leadership of Shri Kunju Michael as President, Shri G.Prasanth as Secretary and Sri Bijo George as Treasurer is the only organization that has been recognized by Kottayam District Sports Council for promoting Badminton in Kottayam District. Almost all clubs were the game of Badminton is playing weare affiliated to Kottayam District Badminton (Shuttle) Association . Our players have excelled at the National and State events and Kottayam District is now been considered as one of the powerhouses for badminton in Kerala.